Webmail User Guides - Maximized features keeping you connected and organized!

Be Connected!                                                                                                              

Appointments, Meetings &  Events -  manage your busy schedule                                   
Contacts - your online address book                                                                          
Email - send, read and so much more!                                          

Be Mobile!                                                                                                                         

Set up webmail to use when on the go with  touch-capable mobile devices

Be Organized!

Account Organization - webmail management
Briefcase - share, manage, create documents
Calendars - view your schedule, plan your day!
Filters - manages incoming / outgoing webmail
Sharing - share mail folders, calendars & more!

Task Lists - create and manage various to-do lists 

Be Safe! 

Manage spam and junk mail—let the good email in and keep the bad out!

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