Managing Account Recovery in AppPortal

This guide will help you set up Account Recovery in your Colorado Valley Communications AppPortal

  1. Navigate to the Welcome [Username] link


  1. Select Account Recovery under Account Management


  1. In the Manage Account Recovery screen, you can set up account recovery using at least 1 of the following options:
    Note: You can also complete all of the fields to utilize all of the available options.
    1. Phone Number:
    2. Alternate Email Address:
    3. 3 Secret Questions and Answers
      1. When using this option, All 3 Secret Questions must be selected and accompanied by an answer

  2. Click Update Security Information to save changes



See below for an example of Account Recovery in action:

  1. Select Forgot your password?


  1. Enter your Colorado Valley Communications email address and click Next


  1. Select how you would like to reset your password
          In this example, we will answer security questions


  1. Provide answers to your configured Security Questions


  1. In the New Password and Confirm New Password fields, type the new password you wish to use that meets the following requirements:
    1. A minimum length of 12 characters and contain 3 out of 4 of the following:
      • Uppercase letter
      • Lowercase letter
      • Number
      • Special Character (cannot contain a semicolon)
    2. Click Change Password.