This guide will help you update Thunderbird to receive and send email using your new account settings.


Step 1. Open the Account Settings screen:

  • Open Thunderbird

  • Click to select your email address in the left column, then click View settings for this account

  • Click Server Settings



Step 2. Update your Incoming server:

  • Edit the Server Name to:


Step 3. Locate your Outgoing server settings:

  • Select Outgoing Server (SMTP) from the left column

  • Click your email address so that highlights, then click Edit


Step 4. Update SMTP Server settings:

  • Enter the Server Name as:

  • Click OK

  • Ensure your email is selected in the left column


Step 5. Ensure the new SMTP server is selected:

  • Click the Outgoing Server (SMTP) drop-down and select the server labeled with

  • Click OK

Your email is now set up. Congratulations!