This guide will help you create a new email account with Mac Mail using the proper server settings.


Step 1. Navigate to Preferences

  • Open Mac Mail

  • Click the Mail drop-down menu, then click Preferences…


Step 2. Add a New Account

  • Click the Accounts tab from the top menu

  • Click the + button on the bottom left

  • From the Add Account window, enter your Full Name, Email Address and Password

  • Click Continue


Step 3. Add your Incoming Mail Server settings

  • Select IMAP from the drop-down and enter a description

  • In the Incoming Mail Server field enter:
    Enter your correct User Name (ex: and Password

  • Click Continue


Step 4. Add your Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) settings:

  • Click on the drop-down next to Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) and select:

  • Check the User Authentication box

  • Enter Your full email address in the User Name field (ex:

  • Enter Your Password

  • Click Continue


Step 5. The Account Summary window will appear. Verify that your settings appear as follows:

  • Your full email address must be listed for both the Email Address and User Name (

  • The Incoming Mail Server must be listed as and SSL turned on

  • The Outgoing Mail Server must be listed as and SSL turned on

  • Click Create

Congratulations, your email is now set up!