CardDAV and CalDAV for Zimbra Webmail

Do you have contacts or calendar items that you would like to sync between your webmail account and your other devices like your smart phone and email clients?  Instructions are below to use calendar sync (CalDAV) and contacts sync (CardDAV) for your software and devices.

Use CardDAV and/or CalDAV in a desktop email client:


Use CardDAV and / or CalDAV on my mobile device (smartphone or tablet):

Android: Use the following settings in any CalDAV or CardDAV app downloaded from the Play Store:

  • Server or URL: https://

  • User Name: Your full email address (ex:

  • Password: Your Email Account Password

 Apple: View and follow our step-by-step instructions.

What if I have questions or get stuck?

  • Call our Help Desk 866-308-6835 if you have questions at any point in this process.

Quick Server Settings:

CardDAV Server Name:


CalDAV Server Name: