Setup Email Account in iOS 14

This easy guide will help you set up your iPhone or iPad to receive and send email using your proper account settings. 

Step 1. Locate your email settings:

  • On your iPhone or iPad, open Settings (typically on your homescreen)
  • Tap Mail


  • Tap Add Account



Step 2. In the Accounts section:

  • Tap Other

  • Tap Add Mail Account


Step 3. Enter


  • Hit NEXT


Step 4. Enter Mail Server Information

  • Select IMAP on the top of screen 
  • Update your INCOMING MAIL SERVER settings:
    • Edit the Host Name field to:
    • Ensure the User Name is your full email address
      • IMPORTANT: Ensure that the Email username is your full email address (ex: and that your Password is correct
  • ​​Update your OUTGOING MAIL SERVER settings
    Note: For accessing your email, outgoing mail server settings are required for sending mail
    • In the Host Name field enter:
    • In the User Name field enter: Your full email address
    • In the Password field enter: Your email password
  • Tap Save

Congratulations, your email is now configured!