Updating Email Server Settings/Passwords in Thunderbird

This guide will help you update Thunderbird to receive and send email using your new account settings.


Step 1. Accessing your Account Settings:

  • Open Thunderbird​
  • Right-click to select your @mymctc.net email address in the left column, then click Settings

  • Click Server Settings on the left, below your @mymctc.net email

Step 2. Update/Verify Email Server Settings
  • If you are only needing to change your email PASSWORD, click here
  • Edit/verify the server settings for your Incoming (IMAP) server
    • Server Name: mail.mymctc.net
    • User Name: Your FULL email address
    • Port: 993
    • Connection Security: SSL

  • Click Outgoing Server (SMTP) on the lefthand side

  • You may see this popup- if you do, click OK

  • Select Edit... 

  • Verify/edit your Outgoing (SMTP) Settings

  • Select OK

Step 3. Update Email Password in Thunderbird
  • If you are changing your password, Thunderbird will prompt you with a pop-up when it notices your password is not authenticating.

  • If you are unable to view the pop-up after making a change to your password, you can access your password manually.
  • On your main account tab, select the Pancake Icon (3 bars) in the top right corner 

  • Select Account Preferences

  • Scroll down to Passwords and select Saved Passwords

  • Select Show Passwords

  • Select Yes from the popup

  • Select

  • Enter your new password, then select Close


 Congratulations, your Thunderbird email is now updated!