Updating Email Server Settings/Passwords in your Windows 8 Device

This guide will help you update your Windows 8 - Mail App program to receive and send email using your advanced account settings.

Step 1. Open your Account Settings:

  • Open Mail App from the home screen


  • Swipe from the right (if touchscreen device) or move your mouse to the lower righthand corner. Then, select Settings in the right slide-out tab


  • Select Accounts in the Settings slide-out menu


  • Click on your @mymctc.net email account to display the Account Settings

  • ​Scroll down, and edit/verify your email server settings or update your email password
    • Email username: Full mymctc.net email address
    • Incoming email server: mail.mymctc.net
    • Port: 993
    • Make sure the box is checked for SSL
    • Outgoing email server: smtp.mymctc.net
    • Port: 465 or 587
    • Make sure all 3 boxes below are checked

  • Select the back arrow

Congratulations, your Windows 8 email account is now set up!