Setup Email Account in Thunderbird

This guide will help you set up a new Thunderbird email account with the proper server settings.


Step 1. Setting up Thunderbird for the first time

  • Open Thunderbird and make sure you are on the HOME Tab

  • Click on the Email icon under "Choose What to Set Up"
  • ​If you see the below image, click here to continue to the next step, otherwise continue scrolling

  • If your Thunderbird does not have options to setup a email on the home page, hit the pancake icon (3 bars) in the top right

  • Next, select Account Settings from the dropdown list

  • Now hit the Account Actions dropdown on the lefthand side

  • Select Add Mail Account... from the list



Step 2. Set up your existing email address 

  • A window will open which will allow you to enter your Existing Email information

  • Mid Century Communications has already provided you with an email address, so you will be able to complete Your full name, Email address, and Password.
    • ​You may also choose to have Thunderbird save your email password by selecting the checkbox next to Remember password.
  • ​Click Configure Manually (this option will appear once a domain is in the email address field)




Step 3. Update your Incoming and Outgoing Server Settings

  • Make sure that the Incoming Protocol drop-down is set to IMAP

  • Edit the Incoming Server Hostname is set to:

  • Ensure that the Incoming Port is displaying 993

  • Make sure that the Incoming Connection security drop-down is set to SSL/TSL

  • Leave the Incoming Authentication method on Autodetect

  • Edit the Outgoing Server Name to:

  • Make sure that the Outgoing Port field is set to 465

  • Make sure that the Outgoing Connection security drop-down is set to SSL/TSL

  • Leave the Outgoing Authentication method on Autodetect

  • Your full email address (ex: should have autofilled into both Username fields (Incoming and Outgoing)


  • ​After all settings are filled in, hit Re-test

  • If there is any error message, double check the settings you entered
  • Once all settings were setup properly, the test will be successful. Then, you will now be able to click Done

Congratulations, your Thunderbird email is now set up!