Email Basics: Reading & Writing Email

Reading Email

Step 1. From the list of emails, click on the email you would like to read


Step 2. Read the full email in the large box to the right of the email list


Mark a Message or Conversation as Unread

Step 1. To mark the entire conversation as unread, click the Dot (gray is read, blue is unread)

Step 2. To mark an individual message in a conversation as unread, click the Triangle to expand the conversation and click the Dot next to the message you would like to display as unread.


Writing Email

Step 1. In the mail tab, click New Message


Step 2. Add recipient(s) in the To: and CC: lines



Step 3. Add email Subject (if needed)


Step 4. Compose email


Step 5. Check spelling if desired


Step 6. Click on Options to choose options such as priority and requesting read receipts if desired


Step 7. Add attachments. Select files from your computer, your email Briefcase, or an email message. You can also drag & drop a file from your computer to the attachment bar.


Step 8. Click Send at the top of the screen – a copy of the sent message is in the Sent Folder


Viewing Sent Email

Locate the SENT folder in the Mail tab, either select the entire folder or a specific folder from the drop list