Creating an email account for iOS 15 & 16

  • This easy guide will help you set up your iPhone or iPad to receive and send email using your proper account settings. 

Step 1. Locate your email settings:

  • On your iPhone or iPad, open Settings (typically on your homescreen)
  • Tap Mail


  • Tap Add Account



Step 2. In the Accounts section:

  • Tap Other

  • Tap Add Mail Account


Step 3. Enter


  • Hit NEXT

Step 4. Enter Mail Server Information

  • Select IMAP on the top of screen 
  • Update your INCOMING MAIL SERVER settings:
    • Edit the Host Name field to:
    • Ensure the User Name is your full email address
      • IMPORTANT: Ensure that the Email username is your full email address (ex: and that your Password is correct
  • ​​Update your OUTGOING MAIL SERVER settings
    Note: For accessing your email, outgoing mail server settings are required for sending mail
    • In the Host Name field enter:
    • In the User Name field enter: Your full email address
    • In the Password field enter: Your email password
  • Tap Save

Congratulations, your email is now configured!